When Your Teen Is Out of Order, Talk to My Friend Oscar!

I was beaten, busted, and broken when I met Oscar Omondi. In fact, I was heavily medicated at the time as a couple of doctors tried to treat my neuropathy with pregabalin, my chest pains with antibiotics, my depression with anti-depressants, and my lethargy with steroids. On top of everything, I had shared my pain with one passionate believer, who responded by yelling over the phone, accusing me of failing to serve God and to let go. These things, she said, led to depression. While praying for me in the wee hours of the night, God had spoken! I was to obey or else….. I told God “If this is you speaking, I want to find someone or something else to worship. I am ready to go to hell”.

I felt a sense of alienation I felt, and some sort of betrayal from God. It was like God was gossiping. How could He go behind my back to accuse me of being less of a believer while I thought He was the only one who understood my fate? Who else could I count on? Well, God sent Oscar. Long and short of it, Oscar and I talked about God’s grace as depicted in the book of Romans 7 to 9 for days. He further pointed to something that opened my eyes to my tough childhood experiences and how the unresolved issues were playing out in this scenario.

Oscar Omondi pursued a Bachelor of Arts (psychology) at The University of Nairobi and now works with the Counselling Society of Kenya. He loves to help teenagers struggling with different issues of life, including mental health issues, identity, peer pressure, substance abuse and much more. You will find him sober, principled, and creative enough to find solutions that match your circumstances. As a believer, Oscar will not give you counsel that will take you too far from the moral path you yearn to follow despite psychological, emotional or mental issues. You are also assured that Oscar will refrain from religious-based bias and instead embrace an objective approach to reach diverse individuals and groups. You can reach him on: 0723006046 or oscaromondiomondi@gmail.com.