Our Mission is to empower and increase access to relevant programs for persons living with mental illness, increase mental health awareness and advocacy, and promote practices that help prevent or improve symptoms of mental illnesses.

Our vision is to offer holistic, practical, and wellness-oriented resources and information that improve community’s understanding of mental health, reduce stigma of mental illness, and offer support for people with mental illnesses.

Right Professionals

We connect people with mental illness with the right professionals. Here, you will find a team of qualified psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches, nutritionists, and trainers in different fields. Our support groups, along with our hotlines, will give you a chance to speak with people who can relate to your problem and assist you from a place of grace and compassion.

Supportive Community

We believe that our information, resources, and programs can empower society members to become their own advocates and seek treatment or prevent mental illnesses on time. More so, our programs encourage society members to be proactive in identifying symptoms of mental illnesses and assisting the sick to create a safe and supportive community.

Get to know our programs

We offer a variety of programs to help you identify the symptoms of mental illness and the right coping strategies. Please note that our programs are not designed to replace professional mental health services.

You can count on us

Our Programs

Our Values

A healthy and functional mind frees you to pursue God’s given purpose effectively and relentlessly. Your mind controls behavior and thought processes, influencing life’s outcomes at every stage of your life. Taking care of your mind is central!

Mental illness affects every area of your life, from your social, emotional, physical, to spiritual life. It robs you off the time and resources meant for a productive and quality life.

Unfortunately, self and social stigma stand in the way of people with mental illness to seek timely help. Indeed, shunning labels such as “weakness” and “less spiritual” may cause you to recoil and try resolving issues on your own. The disease, regardless of its cause, could become a part of your identity if unaddressed.

We are committed to empowering people living with mental illness by offering resources and information to manage their welfare. With our practical and attainable practices, we hope that communities can lead a healthy lifestyle and pursue their God-given purpose.

Our well-researched information is critical in understanding the unique needs of individuals with mental illnesses. We believe that everyone in society has the right to mental wellness and that they should attain healing with dignity and respect.

We believe that although mental illness is not caused by a lack of faith, a personal spiritual journey is vital in treating the condition and improving the quality of life.

We believe that it takes courage and boldness for anyone living with mental illness to admit that they are sick and in need of help. Our resources will evoke feelings of courage to participate in a personalized treatment plan.

We offer programs to improve your general well-being so that you can participate fully in accomplishing God-given purpose.

We encourage you to engage in adaptive behaviors as a healthy way of healing from mental illness and attaining personal or professional goals.

We offer programs to encourage personal growth and development, helping you to overcome symptoms of different mental illness and improve quality of life.